Cassette Tape to CD Conversion

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Many of us have recordings of concerts, business meetings, conferences, weddings, funerals and other family events on audio cassette tapes. These tapes are precious to us as they often contain the only physical documentation of the event.

Unfortunately, cassette tapes are prone to severe degradation with time and usage and the quality of the recording is often poor. The tapes can tear, stretch and contract, lose their linear magnetic qualities and become damaged by the tape players themselves. Fortunately, a simple solution is at hand.

What do we offer?

We provide a service which basically converts your tapes to CD. We will even improve the sound quality and clean up the tape where necessary. This serves to safeguard your recordings from further degradation and makes it possible to easily back up or make copies using a home computer. The result is a much more intelligible, sonically and visually pleasing recording at a strong volume and/or with a better video quality stored on a more stable medium: CDs.

What options do I have to improve sound quality?

Our basic package offers the transfer from cassette tape to CD with some basic cleaning and level enhancement. However, we also offer a digital mastering service which 'bolts on' to this, to make the recordings sound as good as they possibly can (essential for tape recordings which have been made at poor quality and recommended for all transfers).

How much does it cost?

The cost of Cassette Tape to CD Conversion varies depending on the length of the tape and the extent of the work needed to improve sound quality to a satisfactory level. You can get an instant quote using our Cassette Tape to CD Quote Calculator.

How long does it take to do the job?

This really depends on what you send us. As a guide, allow 2 working days, plus an extra working day for every 60 minutes of audio. For example, if you are sending us two 90-minute tapes, allow the initial 2 days, plus an additional 3 working days for the 180 minutes of audio. If you have large quantities of recordings to be converted, please contact us to arrange time scheduling.

What do we require from you in order to do the transfer?

We will obviously require your tape(s) and a covering letter describing any key points in the recording that need special attention e.g. 'I cannot hear the speaker very clearly between 45 min and 50 min'. We will also require payment for the full amount before work can commence.