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The Little Bazaar provides world class CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Replication, Audio CD Mastering and graphic design to the media, music, film and many other industries as well the Public sector via our cost-effective, web-based service. We compliment our DVD and CD Duplication with related, high quality services such as Tape to Disc Conversion, Custom-Printed CD-R and much more.

CD Duplication is the backbone of our business and we have a range of options on offer to meet your needs. We can duplicate CDs or DVDs for bands, schools, media agencies, small businesses, blue chip companies, governments or individuals. From the large, aggressive company to the underdog, we've worked with them all. Use our instant quote calculator form to get our best price today!

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CD Duplication

What is CD Duplication?

Reproduce superb quality audio CDs or CD-ROMs with our CD Duplication short-run services. CD Duplication is suitable for copying CDs in quantities of 50-499 units. When duplicating short-runs of CDs, the quantities are not sufficient to justify the cost of creating a glass master and pressing the CDs. Therefore, we use the finest quality CD-Rs and burn the data from the master, using digital printing for a shop-ready look.

What Can CD Duplication Be Used For?

CD Duplication can be used to accurately reproduce any form of audio and is especially popular for music. Many bands and artists use CD Duplication for their singles, E.P.s or even limited-edition albums. In addition to music, CD Duplication can be used to reproduce data. This could mean duplicating a full blown CD-ROM (containing software, presentations, interactive material, PDFs, images or educational material) or simply to back up or share smaller-scale productions such as wedding videos, photos or other material. CD Duplication can be used to copy any CD containing up to 650MB of data (74 minutes of music).

CD Duplication at The Little Bazaar

At The Little Bazaar we source the best production process, tailor made for your CD Duplication job. We will use the most appropriate printing process for your discs and for your paper parts. This might include thermal printing, UV-coated ink-jet printing, thermal re-transfer printing, digital printing or silkscreen printing for your discs. It might include indigo press or lithographic printing for your booklets and inlays.

We will duplicate, print and package your CDs in a case of your choice, give you professionally printed booklets and inlays, pack everything together and even give you a bar-code and cello-wrap your finished product. We will then dispatch them to you by next day courier.

So, get a quote today for the various specifications and quantities you are interested in for your CD Duplication project.. Then, scan through the text in your quote email to the link to your artwork templates and tutorial videos. Set up your artwork, place your order, send us your material and let us take care of the rest!

We look forwarding to working with you on your CD Duplication project at The Little Bazaar.

If you require CD Duplication, you may also need Audio Mastering and Graphic Design to make your product look and sound exceptional.

DVD Duplication

What is DVD Duplication?

As with CD Duplication, DVD Duplication is for short-run DVD manufacturing. For quantities of 50-499 units, the set up costs involved in creating a glass master prohibit the pressing of the DVDs, so we use high quality DVD-Rs and digital printing to create a professional DVD.

What Can DVD Duplication Be Used For?

Choose DVD Duplication if you need a larger capacity disc than a CD. This could include a motion picture DVD, Instructional DVD or Presentation DVD. For DVD Duplication, we use single layer DVDs. This means you can fit up to 4GB of data or 2 hours of standard film onto your DVD. If you require a larger capacity than this, you will need a dual layer DVD, for which we use our DVD Replication services.

CD Replication and DVD Replication

Large orders (thousands or millions) require our CD Replication and DVD Replication services (the industry standard for pressing, manufacturing and mass production from a glass master). CD Replication includes Business Card CD. This also applies for DVD Replication.

Digital Audio CD Mastering

Quality audio mastering from £8 per track. We use the latest digital mastering techniques to make your music sound as good as it possibly can. A must if you are going for CD Duplication or CD Replication.

CD/DVD Cover Design and Print

We also offer flyer printing, business card printing, leaflet printing, letterheads, compliment slips and printing of booklets and inlays. We also are poster printers, greeting card printers and graphic designers. This is an excellent way of adding value and quality to your CD or DVD Duplication or Replication product.

The Little Bazaar: Providing high quality services to businesses, individuals, the public sector and the music and film industry. Our services include DVD Duplication, CD Duplication, DVD Replication, CD Replication, Audio Mastering, Custom-Printed CD-R, Custom-Printed DVD-R, Graphic Design, Tape to Disc Conversion, Artwork Editing, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Blank Media Sales and much more.

We have provided cost-effective, high quality services to many reputable companies and public sector organisations, many UK market sectors.